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 UWA week 44 (2nd semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 6:04am Tue 1st Nov, Christopher M.

Your approach sounds reasonable - open each of the colon-separated directory names provided by the function's parameter, - open each directory and iterate through its directory entries, - identify each regular file in the directory, - determine if it's ...

SVG not supported 10:02pm Mon 31st Oct, Sriniketh K.

So they would pass a PATH value as a parameter? I dont understand how to use the PATH to search directories for executables? My approach to this would be open the directory and then do S IXUSR (or is doing a S ISREG check fine) for anything found. Bu...

SVG not supported 5:57pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Just a normal morning, thanks. The materials on multithreading are examinable, though you won't be expected to remember the exact function names or parameters. However, you should know roughly what functions are expected required in a...

SVG not supported 3:28pm Mon 31st Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi Chris, Hope you had a great morning. I was wondering whether we should know pthread types and pthread functions for tomorrow's exam since they were taught in the last few lectures of this semester? There's quite a bit to understand and implement i...

SVG not supported 3:03pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote This is a sort of 'compare and contrast' type question - if you're going to state that one approach is superior to the other (as you've done with your 4 good points), you should also be (correctly) critical of the alternative approach...

SVG not supported 3:00pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote The short answer questions are not simply about providing N individual (correct) points reasons, but about answering the question by describing the significance of your points and how they relate to each other. The questions are unli...

SVG not supported 2:42pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Hey. Can you outline what you understand the question is asking, and what attempts you've already made? The spreadsheet will be a two dimensional array of 'things', and in this question those things are C's character strings (i.e. eac...

SVG not supported 2:32pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Yes - though, of course, whether that will work will depend on the rest of your implementation.

SVG not supported 5:41am Mon 31st Oct, ANONYMOUS

in regards to this part of the question, "With respect to the support provided by operating systems and programming languages, if you could develop and test an application using either multiple processes, or multiple threads, which do you think would...

 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 11:26pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

hello, I was wondering how we can figure out how to get a full mark on a short answer? for example these 2 questions are worth 5 total Explain the importance of the memory hierarchy in a computer system. Explain how the principle of referential local...

SVG not supported 5:15pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey, can you please go through the first part of Q2 from the 2018 past exam? I'm a bit lost with regards to defining the data type for a spreadsheet. Thanks

SVG not supported 4:26pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

In order to swap the contents of two indicated columns can we have the addresses the columns hold to point to each other?

SVG not supported 2:52pm Sun 30th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote You'll never need to assume that - either the exam question will tell you if the parameter is an absolute pathname or, if it doesn't say anything, then there's no need for the parameter to be absolute. For example, the open() ...

SVG not supported 12:31pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Just another question regarding these types of questions where the program function accepts a file directory name as an argument. Do we assume that these file directory names are their full pathnames? Or should we use realpath() to convert the names ...

SVG not supported 5:43pm Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

Yes - print the name of all executable programs that have the same name (2 or more instances, in different directories along the value of testpath . Yes - no need to get find the value of PATH . It, or any other string, will just be passed ...

SVG not supported 5:35pm Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote You cannot call exit() and return anything - one, or the other. exit() doesn't return again to where it was called. Calling exit() in the child process allows the parent to learn of the process termination when it ...

SVG not supported 1:22pm Sat 29th Oct, Matthew C.

I read it to mean we needed to get a list of all executable files in each of the directories listed in the path, and any name that appeared in more than one directory were regarded as suspicious and the full path of each "copy" printed. I also underst...

SVG not supported 12:38pm Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

A "trojan-horse" program can be given any name, people just name them common names so they will be accidentally executed. I think the function is just meant to print all executable programs found in the directories of path, along with the return value...

SVG not supported 12:05pm Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

I'm really unsure how to answer this question. Would anybody be able to discuss how they approached answering it. Are you meant to scan the directories specifically for multiples of the executable programs "ls" and "cp" or scan the directories and de...

SVG not supported 11:41am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

What would be the correct order to exit() the child process as well as return the pid value of the unsuccessful child?

SVG not supported 5:22am Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote This question is asking about how process-management can be modelled using state transitions (the blue bubbles and arrows from lectures). So to answer the question think about what state transitions occur when creating, running a diffe...

SVG not supported 4:22am Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote (wondering, and then did.... -) There's no simple solution and, in fact, writing the requested in a very robust manner would double its length. 100000 bytes would clearly be overkill, and in all lab and workshop sample solutions we've ...

SVG not supported 4:12am Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote If execl() fails, you don't just return a result, but exit() the child process. See https units CITS2002 lectures lecture09 06.html

SVG not supported 4:08am Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote If you're able to copy an (existing) source file to a (new) destination file, you can address your problem by formatting the pathname of the new destination as "directory name filename" and then calling your existing code with that...

SVG not supported 4:04am Sat 29th Oct, Christopher M.

Hi Thomas, (as long as this isn't interpreted as "Oooh, he's released a sample solution" -) Without watching the lecture recording I can't remember which question you're asking about, but I think it was this one (2019 Q2) http

SVG not supported 6:37pm Fri 28th Oct, Thomas M.

Hi Chris, Are you able to make the sample marking key that you showed in Lecture 23 available? I think it he be helpful in showing the kinds of behaviours you and the other markers are looking for, particularly for the code we write. Thanks

SVG not supported 5:17pm Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

For this question, I've done the file copy to another part, but I'm unsure of how to copy the source file into a directory. Thanks

SVG not supported 4:08pm Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi, I get confused with the theory aspects of the course. Could you please have a look at my answer to the question? I'm not sure if I am just missing the mark entirely for this question. Do you think you could release some solutions for the writing ...

SVG not supported 4:02pm Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

I'm also a bit confused about how exactly to write the function. I tried to write it (attached) but I am unsure how to return the exit status of an unsuccessful command. If we call execl() and it fails, does the child process just terminate completel...

SVG not supported 12:19pm Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

I was wondering if we're allowed to post our answers for the practice exams here to get feedback? For the code I've tried writing (attached), I just made an array using malloc(100000). In these kinds of questions, is it reasonable to just allocate a r...

SVG not supported 6:36am Fri 28th Oct, Christopher M.

Hi, I wasn't the unit coordinator of '2002 last year, and didn't set the exam, but I can see that two-level page tables were covered last year, but not this year. I've updated the Exam Info page - thanks. Yes. Yes. The material of this question wasn't co...

SVG not supported 6:14am Fri 28th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote You're writing a function, not a whole program, to execute a sequence of commands until one of them fails, or they all succeed. No need to write a Makefile (either to compile this function, or as an input to the required function). Not...

SVG not supported 6:04am Fri 28th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Invoking an external process to perform a file copy would be a massive overkill for this type of problem. Suggest you review Lectures 8 and 16.

SVG not supported 4:20pm Thu 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, I'm looking to see if I can solidify my understanding of questions which ask about virtual addresses. Using 2021 exam q5 (i) as an example, the virtual address would be as follows primary table 8 bits secondary table 14 bits offset...

SVG not supported 2:22pm Thu 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Just to clarify, would it make sense to iterate through the commands and use something like execve to execute said commmands or is there another part of the question that I'm missing?

SVG not supported 2:16pm Thu 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi, I'm confused as to what this question is asking us to do. Do we need to execute the program ourselves? Are we supposed to do this by writing a makefile? Are we somehow trying to bridge between our code and the kernel? A nudge in the right direction ...

SVG not supported 11:50am Thu 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

the question asks us to copy a file to a directory called destination or if the directory does not exist copy the file to a file whose name is given by the value of destination. After I've checked if the file is a directory would I use execl with the ...

SVG not supported 4:30am Thu 27th Oct, Christopher M.

It's a good and interesting question, and there's no single correct answer. I'm not convinced by the thought that more system calls increase consistency - consistency of what? Whether a new system supporting legacy systems through system-calls is consi...

SVG not supported 4:03am Thu 27th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote As I've stated on the Exam info. page, I'll not be releasing solutions to past exams. My reasons are not centred around a lazy desire to just keep re-using questions from past papers, but from my strong belief (through observation) tha...

SVG not supported 5:29pm Wed 26th Oct, Maxwell S.

In the 2021 exam it asks for the primary interface between the kernel and the C11 programming language (which I'm sure is the OS), and it asks Which has me thinking, as far as system calls go its been mentioned that Its undesirable for design and cor...

SVG not supported 5:25pm Wed 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

"Sample answers to past exam papers will not be provided" Pretty standard for units like this, probably becuase similar questions are often asked, so releasing solutions makes it too easy.

SVG not supported 2:48pm Wed 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there Is there any chance you could release the solutions for the practice exams? It's still useful without solutions, but I think seeing them would make checking our understanding easier

SVG not supported 12:54pm Wed 26th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Not being evasive, but it could be either 'format'. I'm concerned that you may be trying to over-think this. If you study and understand the unit's material content, then the actual format of the exam questions on the day will not be a...

SVG not supported 12:22pm Wed 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello Chris, On the final exam information page, it states the following "The focus of the 5 questions will be - 1-2 questions on features provided by the C11 programming language, assessed through your writing one or more short functions meeting a s...

SVG not supported 9:42am Wed 26th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote The question is asking for the relationship between the two, how they work together. You certainly could summarise the similarities and differences in your answer (i.e. why they need to work together), but don't just describe the si...

SVG not supported 9:29am Wed 26th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Yes, very important. Please watch the video recording from Tuesday 18th Oct.

SVG not supported 6:06am Wed 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Are we expected to include any include statements for standard library functions when writing functions in the exam?

SVG not supported 11:44am Tue 25th Oct, ANONYMOUS

for question 2 (ii) explain the relationship between file pointers and file descriptors. are we meant to state the similarities and differences between the file pointers and descriptors?

 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 7:23pm Sun 23rd Oct, ANONYMOUS

hello, - are we allowed to post our own solutions (code) for the past exams on the server to ask about them? - what would you recommend as the best way to revise prepare for the exam? thank you for your time

SVG not supported 5:58am Tue 18th Oct, Christopher M.

Full details of the unit's final examination are available from https units CITS2002 examinations.php

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 12:45pm Mon 3rd Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Many years' worth of past CITS2002 final-exam papers are available from the UWA Library - simply make a OneSearch query for CITS2002

SVG not supported 12:43pm Mon 3rd Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, Sorry if this has been answered before, just wondering if there will be past Final Exams released in the next couple of weeks to practice for the final, even if there're no solutions. Thanks

 UWA week 35 (2nd semester, week 6) ↓
SVG not supported 12:38pm Mon 29th Aug, Christopher M.

Hello Everyone, It was recently identified that the official UWA Unit Outline for CITS2002 listed the date and time of this year's final examination as (I think) 1st November, 9.00am. This information was incorrect, as the (stupid) software managing t...

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