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 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 5:15am Mon 17th Oct, Christopher M.

The tiny SBC "looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi Pico. But while Raspberry Pi's tiny board is powered by an RP2040 microcontroller, the Ox64 has a dual-core RISC-V processor, 64MB of embedded RAM, and support for up to 128Mb of flash storage plus a micr...

 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 4:14pm Sun 16th Oct, Matthew C.

Congratulations Chris

SVG not supported 11:40am Sun 16th Oct, Rachel CO.

Dear CITS2002 students Please join me in congratulating Chris for being awarded the Australia and New Zealand CORE Teaching Award 2023. https core-teaching-award Dr Chris McDonald, from the University of Western Australia This is ...

 UWA week 38 (2nd semester, week 8) ↓
SVG not supported 3:09am Wed 21st Sep, Christopher M.

"The 'last man' selling floppy-disks says airlines continue to make orders for the ancient storage technology ... My biggest customers and the place where most of the money comes from are the industrial users," Persky said, in an interview fr...

 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
SVG not supported 7:33am Thu 15th Sep, Christopher M.

"Backup and cloud storage company Backblaze has published data comparing the long-term reliability of solid-state storage drives and traditional spinning hard drives in its data center. Based on data collected since the company began using SSDs as bo...

 UWA week 36 (2nd semester, mid-semester break) ↓
SVG not supported 7:41am Sun 11th Sep, Christopher M.

A new future career pathway... "SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, today announced it has been selected by NASA to provide the core CPU for NASA s next generation High-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) processor. HPSC i...

 UWA week 35 (2nd semester, week 6) ↓
SVG not supported 4:36am Thu 1st Sep, Christopher M.

"Japan's digital minister, who's vowed to rid the bureaucracy of outdated tools from the hanko stamp to the fax machine, has now declared 'war' on a technology many haven't seen for decades - the floppy disk. The hand-sized, square-shaped data storage...

SVG not supported 5:01am Mon 29th Aug, Christopher M.

A summary https gadgets 2022 08 walmart-lists-a-30tb-portable-ssd-for-39-it-is-naturally-a-scam and the interesting full tear-down on Twitter https RayRedacted status 1562914752762105856

 UWA week 34 (2nd semester, week 5) ↓
SVG not supported 4:30am Sat 27th Aug, Christopher M.

"What was the largest piece of software we ever shipped?" The answer may surprise you https software-services 95790 microsofts-largest-piece-of-software-weighed-more-than-40-pounds

 UWA week 33 (2nd semester, week 4) ↓
SVG not supported 5:24am Sat 20th Aug, Christopher M.

"A new software update will soon give NASA s Curiosity Mars rover a 50 per cent speed boost, allowing it to cover a greater distance and complete more science. But the update very nearly didn t happen because of a mysterious bug in the software t...

SVG not supported 8:22am Fri 19th Aug, Christopher M.

"It sounds like something out of an urban legend Some Windows XP-era laptops using 5400 RPM spinning hard drives can allegedly be forced to crash when exposed to Janet Jackson's 1989 hit "Rhythm Nation." But Microsoft Software Engineer Raymond Chen s...

 UWA week 32 (2nd semester, week 3) ↓
SVG not supported 9:01am Wed 10th Aug, Christopher M.

Not really a 'news' item, but a well thought out blog article on alternatives to C https blog p 8486-the case against a c alternative

SVG not supported 7:18am Wed 10th Aug, Christopher M.

We've casually discussed that, when using languages (such as C) that manage their own memory allocation, we must be careful to also deallocate that memory to avoid memory 'leaks'. We'll discuss this much more in coming lectures. With that background, ...

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