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 UWA week 33 (2nd semester, week 4) ↓
SVG not supported 9:35pm Sat 20th Aug, Haoxuan L.

chris setted up mycc as a "shortcut" for compiling, its equivalent of something like "cc -std c11 -Wall -Werror" and can be setted up. Its explained on the bottom of one of the linux basics pages

SVG not supported 4:38am Sat 20th Aug, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote cc is the command to invoke the C compiler on your system. mycc is a shell alias (stored in the memory of your shell process) which calls cc with some important command-line options. Both are described toward the bo...

SVG not supported 12:37am Sat 20th Aug, ANONYMOUS

Hi, just wondering if there is a difference between using cc and mycc to compile. If there is how would we get mycc working on Linux? I tried to type mycc for lab 1 but it didn't work so I've continued to compile using cc for lab2 3 and have not had ...

SVG not supported 4:19pm Wed 17th Aug, James A.

I think some installations come with things like autoindent and syntax highlighting turned on by default. It certainly seems that way on my home PC (running Linux Mint 20). Given this is a common problem, there's actually a specific mode that (temporaril...

SVG not supported 9:25am Wed 17th Aug, Sae-Hwa Y.

In lab 3 q7, modification-time and file size have types time t and size t respectively. These are aliases so I would have to find out which main type they map to in order to use the correct format specifier while printing them. Would running cpp fil...

SVG not supported 10:17am Tue 16th Aug, Christofle S.

You know. q,w,e,r,t,y,u,o(found out how to start editing in vim),p, , , . The usual stuff. Disabling auto indent fixed the indentation issue. It was enabled by default.

SVG not supported 2:17pm Mon 15th Aug, Christopher M.

We know that the C processor receives our C program's source code before the C compiler, processes (modifies) the contents of the source code, and sends its output to the compiler. It can be instructive to see what the C preprocessor produces. We nor...

SVG not supported 11:01am Mon 15th Aug, Christopher M.

(still weird) but random buttons??? It does, but not usually enabled or set by default https use-auto-indent-in-vim

SVG not supported 9:14am Mon 15th Aug, Christofle S.

Other than changing Vim's Colourscheme. None. That said I did tap random buttons to see what they did in Vim. I notice that Vim has automated indentation but every other coding program has that and it doesn't add extra indentations.

 UWA week 32 (2nd semester, week 3) ↓
SVG not supported 9:45am Sat 13th Aug, Christopher M.

Hi Christofle, That's weird - I can't replicate the problem on either my macOS (Monterey 12.5) or Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) machines at home (12MB video attached). I suspect something very odd with your machine's (or personal) vi configuration files. Have yo...

SVG not supported 9:29am Fri 12th Aug, Christofle S.

Wrong screen shot

SVG not supported 9:27am Fri 12th Aug, Christofle S.

A better screenshot

SVG not supported 9:25am Fri 12th Aug, Christofle S.

Since the forums are free I'll put this here for those who are too shy or quiet (Like me) to ask How to replicate open vim and paste square.c from labsheet 2 by copy then left clicking on vim Effect Anything below a double slash extends the double slas...

SVG not supported 10:15am Mon 8th Aug, James A.

Running the "wsl" command with no additional arguments should launch the default Linux distribution. You can also run "ubuntu" to specifically launch the Ubuntu distribution. There should also be an "Ubuntu" entry added to your start menu, that will brin...

SVG not supported 9:14am Mon 8th Aug, Christofle S.

I've managed to install WSL and the first time I did it the linux command line opens up automatically. How would I open it again after I close it? what command do I have to type in powershell?

 UWA week 31 (2nd semester, week 2) ↓
SVG not supported 7:35am Sat 6th Aug, Christopher M.

Oops, forgot that one. There's multiple ways to create new commands for your shell to execute - shell aliases - usually single-line commands kept in the shell's memory - shell functions - usually multi-line commands kept in the shell's memory - sh...

SVG not supported 9:11pm Fri 5th Aug, Cody H.

Was wondering how to implement your "vc" command that you use to open a C template in vim. Thanks )

SVG not supported 3:49pm Thu 4th Aug, Christopher M.

Using foreground background job control in your shell The traditional (40 year old) way to run the vim editor is inside the same window that receives your shell commands. I choose to edit files and compile them in the same window (and in most of my wo...

SVG not supported 9:45am Thu 4th Aug, James A.

So, we've got the helpful cheat-sheet on using frequent commands https units CITS2002 labsheets frequentcommands.php Your shell (the program that helps you manage and run commands in your terminal) also has a bunch of handy k...

SVG not supported 9:40am Thu 4th Aug, Christopher M.

Adding coloured syntax-highlighting in vim. The default installation of vim simply displays its text in monochrome, but by adding commands to (one of) vim's "startup files", it will add colours to code keywords, comments, .... To download and add the ne...

SVG not supported 9:23am Thu 4th Aug, Christopher M.

A number of students are asking about some of the commands or techniques that I use in lectures (usually to compensate for my slow typing), and perhaps watching those recordings too closely - ) . There isn't time in lectures to stop and explain them, ...

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