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 UWA week 39 (2nd semester, week 9) ↓
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8:37pm Sat 1st Oct, Jake L.

In the project brief, an example is given of 2 green nodes interacting. My question is are interactions between green nodes unidirectional or bidirectional? i.e. If node I is interacting with node K does node I's uncertainty change or just node K's? Secondly, in the example network given "network-2.csv" are the connections directional? i.e when nodeID1 interacts with nodeID2 do both uncertainties change or just the 2nd nodes?

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
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1:44pm Tue 4th Oct, Mehwish N.

it is bidirectional. It is like an interaction between 2 people, but only one can convince the other to change their opinion.

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