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8:21pm Tue 16th Aug, ANONYMOUS

I am always getting full marks for the first test but partial for the other two. I am not sure why the tester is giving higher distances as I am making an adjacency matrix out of the input for test two and getting a distance that is different.

The input for test 2 for the NN algorithm thinks the cost from my program is 4453796.42, yet when I run the exact same input on my program is gives 3388538.05. I am not sure why my program is giving a different output when put in moodle is it running the test cases different to how I think they are?

My program does a city traversal that always adds the nearest neighboring city at each city node to the queue and keeps track of the path taken. It does this starting at every city to find the best route. This was how NN is supposed to be implemented but am I mistaken?

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11:19pm Tue 16th Aug, ANONYMOUS

Are you ending your tours with the city you started with (so that you tour is a closed loop)? I managed to get the results you mentioned by not returning to the first city (see image attached)

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8:03pm Wed 17th Aug, Rayne W.

That fixed it. Thanks you are awesome!

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