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5:24pm Sat 16th Mar, Michael W.

Welcome to helpOSTS

I've now tried the two class discussion systems available on LMS: Discussion Forums and Wiki. Neither is suitable, as far as I'm concerned. The Discussion Forums are only for topics set by the unit coordinator, and are used in cases where class discussion is assessed. That is not the case here, and I want you to be able to start threads too. The issue with Wiki is the total lack of structure, and zero notification that anything is happening.

Long story short, this unit will return to using the help forums that run on a machine (now virtual machine) run by CSSE (hat tip: Chris Macdonald 👏👏). The link above will take you there.

Best things:

  • Anyone can start, or respond to, a thread
  • For those who are a bit shy, you can post anonymously, though my personal preference is for people to give their names so I know who I am talking to. "To Whom It May Concern" doesn't really cut it for me
  • If you like a little styling, you can use Markdown in your posts

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3:32am Sun 17th Mar, Zexu D.

Hello Mr. Michael, I'm Zeke, working on assignment 1 now. I'm wondering if I could use this syntax to check the validity of the input parameter as I'm not sure if it can be seen as the advanced Linux command. I learned it from the search engine just now and I think this is important to accomplish the anti-bugging as you mentioned in the announcement. All the best Zeke

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5:39pm Sun 17th Mar, Michael W.

Hi Zeke, This is what I'll be talking about in tomorrow (Monday's) lecture, and why I brought that lecture forward.

As they say, All Will be Revealed ...... (cue the dramatic music)

Cheers MichaelW

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