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When reading the description of the optional mid-semester assessment, I noticed the following statement:
> ... please note that for the final exam you will only be allowed to bring in a single A4 sheet, double sided.
I could say I already have a lot of experience with shell programming (cmd or powershell on Windows, and bash on Linux), but I've never been able to remember all the details. When I want to implement something, I usually need to search online to find details about the tool or syntax I want to use. So, I am glad to hear that I am allowed to bring a cheat sheet for the final exam. However, there are countless utilities and so many subtle features, it is impossible to print the all man pages and the whole bash reference manual on a single paper. Will you clarify what will be covered in the final exam, or release a list of utilities and syntax we need to pay special attention to, at the end of the semester, to allow us get better prepared for the exam? Furthermore, I was able to find some past papers on One Search, like [this one](, but they all seem to focus on writing short essays. That's certainly not very interesting for a course about programming. I would like to know if the examination format will remain the same, or the final exam will be similar to the mid-semester assessment? Thank you for your attention to this.

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Hi, It's way too early to talk about the final exam, and the truth is that I've not designed it yet. There will be a past exam you can look at, which we'll also discuss in class. As you mention, you will be allowed to bring in a single sheet of A4 paper. I have only run this unit since 2022, and that year's exam will be the one we'll look at. Any other past exams were from different versions of the unit, and will not necessarily reflect the structure and expectations of the current unit. Anyway, I'll say more about it down the track. The best guide are the Labsheets. Cheers MichaelW 👨‍🎨

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