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Stop examplify petition

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 6th Apr, 4:05pm


"Edward Atkinson" <22*8*6*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> I don't personally agree with the attack on traditional exams as an assessment technique, however that does not diminish the threat to people's privacy and data security that this software represents.

I believe that a better approach, over a "shut it all down" petition, would be for concerned people to identify
the risks to privacy and security and possible ways to mitigate them.
Haven't seen any discussion around that.

> Ironic though it may be that people are complaining about this on Facebook (I, for the record, am not), that also doesn't eliminate the validity of their concerns. Many of us complain about the quality of our NBN connections on internet forums, the access to which is granted via our NBN provider.

I cannot see the connection you're trying to draw, unless you're suggesting that using the NBN to complain about
the NBN only slows down the NBN. To me, the irony is in people using FB to complain about privacy, while FB just
adds that to their 'file'.

> Before signing and sharing this petition I personally sent an email to the office of the Vice Chancellor asking for confirmation that my biometric information would not be provided to or used by Examsoft, I am yet to receive a response.

Let's hope you receive and share the reply.
One alternative, may be, that an entire 2 hour video is not captured and transmitted, but that the software just
checks (locally) that the user's facial geometry doesn't vary (much) during the exam.  Don't know.

> Only a valid point if someone were using anti-virus software, which as a Linux user, and occasional careful Windows user I haven't felt the need to do so for about 10 years.

Which makes it a very valid point for the majority that do use AV.
If a technical solution must be sought, I'm confident that Linux will be a lost cause,
and am surprised that Macs were included - probably a reason for selecting this software anyway.

> I think the point being made by the petition is that the risks associated with allowing this software access to your computer, its files and your interactions with your computer does not outweigh the need to use it.

Yes, that was the point made, but I believe that many have signed the petition without thinking
about the risks or their possible mitigation.

> To summarise my view: It is disappointing that a department of incredibly talented computer scientists, who themselves probably cover their webcams with tape, are willing to risk their students' data because they were unable to devise a different means of assessment than a written, invigilated exam. 

No tape or Facebook account here.
There's a lot of belief that written, invigilated exams are effective; so it's natural that many would seek to replicate them.

This is not a Computer Science problem, nor one that hundreds, thousands, of other universities and certification bodies
have found a solution for for decades.  It's notable that some universities, known for their quality remote delivery of teaching materials,
still require their students to attend exam invigilation centres in big cities.

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