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Network utilisation formula

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Date: Mon 8th Jun, 10:05am


Hi Chris, 

I just wanted to clarify how Utilisation is calculated. 

In SlottedAloha.c, the formula that was used was: 

utilisation = numSuccessfulTransmissions / numTimeslots.

numSuccesfulTransmissions = total num successful transmissions over the entire timeslot
numTimeslot = total num timeslot

However, based on what I gather from the slides, Utilisation is calculated as:

utilisation = S / G

S = throughput or successful packets over a time period
G = offered load or total packets over a time period

There's a slight difference in how Utilisation is calculated in the C code and the 
lecture slides. I think the C code version uses an estimate whereas the S/G equation is 
more accurate. 

If a question were to come up in the exam, should I use the S/G equation or the C code 

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