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8:13pm Wed 17th Apr, Michael W.

Hi, I'll answer each part after the question ANONYMOUS wrote:
> Hello professor. > > I have a few questions here: > 1. Regarding error messages, for the error messages provided in Sample Queries, if other error conditions are encountered, is there a template for the output error message? Or can I write my own error message such as "Please enter the correct Country Code".
I hope it's clear that I'm expecting the program to deal with other error states. Given that I've not told you what they are, I can hardly be pedantic about the error message. True? While your program will be tested automatically, it will be marked by a human (one of the lab demonstrators). If the error is caught and error message makes sense in the context, that'll get full marks for that test.
> > 2. Regarding case sensitivity, please tell me if there is case sensitivity. I think that by entering the information MALE, mALe, and mALE, you should get the correct information about male. Also for country code, Jpn should have the same effect as JPN. Is my understanding correct? Or does it mean that in the country code, only the all-capital JPN is correct, and in the gender, only Male is correct, and other information should output an error message such as "Please enter the correct gender"?
The point of any program is to be helpful, though the first priority is not to print rubbish. So, if there is a real error, catching and commenting is the priority. However, if the user's request has an obvious interpretation, e.g. male == Male (or malE, if you wish), then, while not incorrect, it's not super helpful to call out an error.
> Thank you.
Cheers MichaelW 👨‍🎨

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