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2:27pm Sat 20th Apr, Michael W.

"Anandhu Raveendran" [email protected] wrote:

Hi Michael,

I have a question regarding the format of executing the script as specified in the assignment PDF. The instructions suggest using the command: tobacco_nation WHO_tobacco_control_tonly.csv JPN Male

Typically, executing a script in a Unix-like environment requires prefixing the script name with ./, such as ./tobacco_nation. This discrepancy has led me to wonder if I should configure the script such that it can be run directly (without ./) by adding its directory to the system's PATH environment variable. Could you please clarify whether the assignment expects us to modify our environment's PATH, or if the testers will be executing the script using the ./tobacco_nation format? Understanding this will help ensure I meet the requirements accurately and configure my submission correctly.

Thank you

Hi Anandhu, The testing script will set everything up for so please do #not# change the PATH variable.

Cheers MichaelW 👨‍🎨

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