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9:34pm Wed 8th May, Michael W.

> Hi Prof Michael, > > While running the % ./best_predictor sample2.tsv to generate the expected output. > > I am getting a different score like following with the provided data in sample2.tsv. > GDP per capita: 0.925 > Population: -0.989 > Homicide Rate: -0.889 > Life Expectancy: 0.957 > (r = 0.98923) > > These results are different from the expected output. > > With this data, I tried with the Python script to produce these calculations and got the same result as above. > > So my question is, Are these calculations from sample 2.tsv correct or do we need to validate anything else ? > > Or can you please share any other data source so we can test the correct calculation and see if any difference in the output or script design ? > > Thanks for your guidance and help.
Hi, To help check your (and my) calculations, I created an Excel spreadsheet which gives a breakdown of the correlation computations. Unless you are using scipy, and have coded the correlation computation in Python yourself, you may have programming in the same mistake. Anyway, I have now upload the Excel spreadsheet to the Assignment 2 LMS page. Cheers MichaelW 👨‍🎨

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