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> ANONYMOUS wrote: > > > Hi professor, > > > > I see there is a country which is not present in one of the file(year is different) and should we suppose to retain that row as well or only take the rows which are in common(same country and year) in 3 files? For data cleaning process > > > Also > - is the provided output in LMS is what we need to get ? Or it's just a sample output ? > > And > Also, if there are rows with cells not matched with header column count, do we need to just report it or supposed to exit the program ?
Hi, Having removed the rows for entities which do not have a country code, the combination of <country code>-<year> will be unique. You need to do a join across that shared combined code, and taken in all the data (including empty cells). Is that what you mean, please? Cheers MichaelW

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