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9:27am Mon 8th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, I have doubt regarding the standard error display, can we use simply echo to display the standard error or is it neccessary to use /std/dev. and one more is it ok to have .sh file and use #!/bin/bash or the file name should not include .sh. and also during submission we need to zip the files for which what all files need to be included, should we include csv and .sh file?

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10:12am Mon 8th Apr, Michael W.

Hi, I discussed /dev/stderr in response to another query. Please look there. Regarding the file name, the specification says that the name has to be tobacco_nation (with no suffix). However, people find it very hard not to add a .sh, so - while technically outside the spec - I'll accept it (and grumble a little) Cheers MichaelW 🧑‍🎨

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