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cnet updated to v3.4.1, now running on WSL under Windows-10

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Tue 24th Mar, 1:31pm
cnet has been updated to v3.4.1, with the following changes:


- if you have successfully installed the previous version on Linux, there's no urgent
  need to change to this version.

- if you use DarkMode on an Apple Mac, you'll want this new version.

- if you have a Windows-10 machine, you may like to try installing this version on
  the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), described here:


Please report any problems so that they can be fixed quickly.

*** PLEASE NOTE - Apple have just upgraded macOS to 10.15.4
    I suggest that you DON'T upgrade your Macs because, if that ends up
    breaking your system, I won't have much time this week to look at problems.

Thanks to the students who replied to my request for Windows-10 information and testing, 
particularly David Adams and Ryan Oakley.

Good luck,
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