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7:28am Sun 22nd Oct, Christopher M.

> Hello, I was wondering how the automated marking happens for project 2, currently my code works for all cases besides -p and i had submitted that one. Will this cause automated marking to fail in cases where multiple options are invoked. Such as -r -a -p. Or will we still receive marks for the rest.
The intention is that each test is independent of the others, so you won't be penalised multiple times for the same mistake, but some tests do involve 2 or 3 options, in combination.
> Additionally, will the automated tests be on already made directories such as the ones we submit in the sample solutions, or will it be making new directories for each marking criteria?
All students' projects will be tested using the same set of files and directories. Different tests will have their own files and directories appropriate for what is being tested. I can't see why it should matter if the files and directories already exist, or created on-the-fly. I don't understand your "...the ones we submit in the sample solutions".

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