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6:14am Tue 24th Oct, Christopher M.

> unrelated to the question, but I just wanna say that I think the 'theory' exam questions for this unit are really great. They don't ask any generic fact-recall type questions that can be simply memorised, it's mostly about relationships between different concepts that really test if we've understood and made sense of the ideas
Thanks for that feedback. We've tried this year to give students greater opportunity to ask more questions about the 'theory' topics, and to not solely focus on programming-based material, by holding our weekly 2 hour Catch Up sessions. Unfortunately, those sessions have proved a dismal failure, with never more than 5 students asking *any* questions in a week, and almost no non-programming questions. In Education, one of the most cited, but least frequently read, books is on Bloom's Taxonomy (see image). In a 2nd year university unit, we're up to being able to Apply and Analyse knowledge, and will move to Analysing and Evaluation in 3rd year. Assessment based on the trivial ability to simply recall and repeat facts should have been left behind in high-school.

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