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9:25am Fri 27th Oct, Christopher M.

A total of 360 students submitted the 2nd project, 119 individual submissions and 121 in pairs. 162 submissions compiled without error (with -Wall -Werror); 82 did not (what is going on??) A common question has been "how many source files did students submit?" - one submission included 22 files: 8 1 12 2 11 3 25 4 34 5 40 6 26 7 21 8 17 9 13 10 8 11 10 12 4 13 4 14 2 15 3 16 1 22 ranging from 86 lines to 2355(!!!) lines (including comments and blank lines). ---- You may download a copy of the sample solution to the 2nd project from: [CITS2002] It compiles and runs on both Ubuntu/Linux and macOS. You may wish to review it (though not in too much detail) to help with revision for Saturday's final exam. The sample has about 460 non-blank, non-comment lines in about 20 functions, in 15 *.c and *.h files. It is the solution that sits 'behind' the web-interface, and doesn't produce much output about what it is doing. However, you can make it think it's feeding the web-interface with HTML by running it as: HTTP_HOST=y ./mysync [options] dir1 dir2 [dirs...] Good luck,

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