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12:30pm Thu 24th Aug, Christopher M.

> So with the commands file, are all the commands loaded into the ready queue all at once, then you start executing with the first one i.e., shortsleep in this case
No, that's incorrect. The commands in the commands-file are akin to all the *available* executable programs on your laptop's disk. When you boot up your laptop they do not all start running, only the ones you request to run (with spawn/fork/exec...) become processes. Further, the project sheet says: "Having read both the sysconfig file and the command file, the system 'automatically' commences by executing the first command in the command file (here that would be the shortsleep command - a quite boring system!)"
> Also when it comes to spawning processes, such as 'cal' in 'shell', is it always the case that the parent process waits for the child process to complete?
No; a (child) process may terminate without its parent waiting for it.

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