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> I was just wondering if I was able to change the return type of read_sysconfig to int to be able to return a value of how many devices I have read. > > I plan to use this to make sure I am not reading garbage when I use the array of device structures to print out its contents and when accessing the information within these structures. > > The parameters in the starting code for read_sysconfig also used argv[0] as a parameter but I feel as though the name of the program is not needed for this function. Can I also change this similarly or does the project have to stick to the template provided?
You're welcome to change function names, parameters, and return types as you wish (or not even use them). DO NOT change the numeric preprocessor constants near the top of the file, else your code won't match the sample solution. It's often a good practice to print a program's name in its error messages, and argv[0] provides that for you.

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