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5:03pm Mon 28th Aug, Christopher M.

"Minn Minn Khant Maw" <23*7*0*3@s*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:
> # Graceful exits > > Should we include graceful exits in the program? For example I have this code snippet in my program for when the file does not exist. > > ''' > if (file == NULL) { > perror("Error opening file!!"); > exit(EXIT_FAILURE); > } > ''' > > The question is are we required to take these sorts of errors into account? Errors like non existent files, or wrong file types? Or can we *assume* that these sorts of problems wouldn't exist.
This is the sort of question where the best answer is "if you know what would make your program better, why not do it?". We know that the format of the input files is correct, and their data consistent, so most of those 'difficult' errors won't occur. And I encourage you to compile and run the following code:
    if(fopen("blahblah", "r") == NULL) {
        perror("Error opening file!!");

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