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 UWA week 31 (2nd semester, week 2) ↓
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This invitation is for the semester 2 meeting of the CS education committee in room 2.07 Computer Science building. Tuesday 22nd August at 1pm. This committee meets once a semester (Tuesday 1pm around week 5 or 6 for one hour). The full committee consists of roughly 6 student reps, myself as Head of Department and the 4 program chairs. Student reps: Joshua Noble, Vyvienne Bautista, Jiandong Wang, James Frayne, and Celine Wang. Program Chairs Chr*s*M*D*n*l*@*w*.*d*.*u, Ami*a*a*D*t*a@u*a*e*u*au, Deb*r*.*o*r*a@u*a*e*u*au, and Jin*H*n*@*w*.*d*.*u* The role of the student reps is to seek views from fellow students to: 1. Provide feedback on and share news of new curriculum proposals from the Department 2. Give feedback on current students’ teaching and learning experiences in CITS units and courses. We want to have a core of official student members so we hear a good range of views. But note that these meetings are open to all students and staff, so do spread the word if others would like to join. I look forward to seeing you on the 22nd August. Regards Rachel Cardell-Oliver Head, Dept of Computer Science and Software Engineering

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