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2:28pm Thu 7th Sep, Christopher M.

> If a process is moving from RUNNING -> DATABUS, does it immediately start its data transfer (if the databus is vacant)? Based on the clarifications it seemed to me that the process will wait in the DATABUS until the CPU becomes idle (after finishing any remaining processes in the ready queue) before commencing I/O. However, the sample solution seems to suggest otherwise? > > Perhaps this is just my misunderstanding! Any clarification would be brilliant!
A few things: - there is no state named 'DATABUS' - the data-bus is a 'wire', so a process cannot be 'in' it. - your process would move from RUNNING->BLOCKED. - a process waiting to acquire the data-bus does not have wait for the READY queue to be empty. - the Clarification of 4th Sept states when a blocked process *may* acquire the data-bus.

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