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4:55am Wed 13th Sep, Christopher M.


This isn't related directly but is something that's just come to my mind. If a process is in the middle of being executed by the CPU and is then put into the READY queue, would that corrupt something?

No. You're either overthinking things, or have some misunderstandings.

In this sort of case where a process like writing to a device is suddenly put to the READY queue because of the time-quantum 'expiring' for that process, is this something that could actually happen?

If a process is in the middle of writing something (actually, the device that the process requested to write something is writing), the process is not on the CPU, not running, so its timequantum cannot expire then.

The process is not on the CPU, is not running, is in a queue waiting for its I/O to finish, and is not involved in performing the I/O.

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