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2:13pm Wed 27th Sep, Jacob R.

When trying to sync files between two locations, how do we determine whether one file should overwrite another? There's obviously the base case, where you just change the contents of a file "thing1" and simply overwrite its copy in the other directory based on the fact they have the same name "thing1" and the first version has been edited more recently. However, what if the name of the file is changed and the contents are edited. Say "thing1" exists in both directories, and is then changed to be called "thing2" in one directory (dir1), and the contents are altered slightly. Would these sync so that "thing2" overwrites "thing1" in dir2, or would they then be assumed to be different files due to having different file names, and wouldn't overwrite each other (instead just both creating a copy of themselves and transferring it over to the other). To clarify this, allow me to create a snazzy diagram: Before: Dir1: "thing1" Dir2: "thing1" Change made: Dir1: "thing2" (file is renamed) Dir2: "thing1" After: Dir1: "thing2" Dir2: "thing2" OR: Dir1: "thing2" "thing1" Dir2: "thing2" "thing2" (Are assumed to be different files that both need to be backed up)

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