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12:45pm Fri 29th Sep, Christopher M.

> 2. so is there an answer for my 2nd question? or did I miss something on the project page.
No answer for the 2nd question. I started to write a small clarification for it, but then realised that there is no correct answer. For example, in determining which of two files we should copy (from) - we presume that 2 candidate files have the same relative location, same filenames, (now) same modification-time, (hmmm, OK, same size, ....., but different contents. There's no way to meaningfully state which should be the file to be copied. And even if we someone considered the contents/text, which file should win? So, when testing your projects, we'll ensure that no 2 files have the same modification time (avoiding the potential problem).
> 3. for -n, how do we identify the files to be copied without syncing them then?
Your approach may be wrong. You first identify what should be copied and then (if no -n option) you do the copying.
> what does it mean by "it will report the actions that would be taken in synchronizing them, but no actual copying will be performed"? where do we report it?
Providing the -n option also sets the -v option and so, whether actually copy files or not, you may wish to annotate what your program is doing (or *would be doing* is -n is provided).

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