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> There's not much information on which questions were picked or based on what criteria. Without knowing that, i think the numbers don't mean that much. I have started using chatGPT recently, and when it comes to coding at least I think it's quite easy to verify answers.
Unsure if you've read the (original) linked paper, but there's a huge amount of detail on the questions selected:
> The reasons why I'll probably use chatGPT first before stackoverflow (which I've been using previously): > 1. Instantaneous answers as mentioned in the article > 2. Exact answers to my question. Often I find answers that come close but doesn't answer exactly. I rarely ask a question myself and would rather keep searching for an answer. > 3. If there's something I don't get or something the answerer misunderstood, I can ask for clarification instantly. > 4. I can ask about words i dont understand or common uses of a certain fucntion or example code for a hypothetical situation. > 5. No need to feel embarrassed about my lack of knowledge cause chatGPT doesnt judge
All good reasons, and everyone will have their own reasons and preferences (though I'm unsure that you'll be judged for reading StackOverflow). I feel that if you know what you're looking for, then SO still provides a better path to a solution. You receive multiple responses for your search (again, if you're confident with your keywords), the code snippets are more than likely cut-and-paste from running code by their author, there's often a handy JSfiddle that you can experiment with, and other humans seek clarification, and offer suggestions and improvements, effectively providing you with any possible solutions to your problem. Though, I'll confess, seeking answers from SO can 'waste' a lot of time - not because I don't find the answer that I want, but because there's so much other interesting stuff there from which I can learn, as well. It's like finding exactly what you want by getting your search just right .versus. going to the shelves of a library (even Z-library :-) and seeing what other related stuff is nearby.

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